General Automotive Repair

General Automotive

If your car is in need of repair, Motorpool Automotive is more than just an automotive shop. It doesn’t matter if it’s your engine, power steering, transmission, air conditioning or any other type of repair that your vehicle needs, because we are here to help make sure you can reach your destination in no time. Our mechanics are here and ready to help provide you with the solutions you seek. We do more than just work on your brakes! Some of the services Brake Master has to offer include changing your fluids, repairing your engine or transmission, changing the belts, changing the filter in your air conditioning system and performing an electrical diagnosis of your vehicle. What does General Automotive Services include? The staff at Motorpool Automotive has plenty to offer you and your vehicle, so take the time to stop in, and let us go to work for you and your vehicle today. You will never have to worry about what you are going to do when your vehicle breaks down. We are here to help you with all of your general automotive repairs and get you back on the road. If you are having brake problems or need any automotive repair, come see us today!

  • What does General Automotive Repair include? General Automotive Repair includes:
        •Oil Change
        •Air Conditioning Services
        •Synthetic Oil Change
        •General Repairs